XPM Internal Reporting & Xero Consolidation For Accountants And Their Clients

dataSights helps Xero accounting firms globally and their clients to track important data with clear, real-time dashboards.


Trusted Globally

We have been working with the dataSights team for some time now and we couldn’t be happier with their service. They are proactive, very responsive and we have complete confidence in their ability to deliver. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Cameron Stone

Partner, Walker Wayland NSW

We find working with dataSights really exciting. Leveraging their expertise, we are able to automagically sync financial and non-financial data in real-time to produce touch-of-a-button insights and customised visualisations that add significant value. Our customers love what we can now do.

Justin Araco

Founder, Greenslate Advisory

Leverage the Power Of Microsoft Power BI

dataSights helps accountants and their clients to set up automated reporting using the most relevant data from their Xero accounting software.


Make data tracking so much easier and find better ways to support your clients.

Business Owners

See at-a-glance updates of the most important numbers in your business.

Create Custom Dashboards

Keep track of the figures which are vital to your long-term business success.

Satisfy Reporting Needs

Give your clients instant updates on where they stand to enable more informed decisions.

Identify Reporting Needs

Real-time insights allow you to find the best profit streams and take rapid action.

Financial Visibility Like Never Before

The businesses which stay ahead of the curve in current times are the ones that have fast and easy access to the most important numbers in their business.

If you’re an accountant, dataSight’s impressive Xero Practice Reporting service will help you get clarity around your numbers like never before. You can also use our systems to help your clients access powerful and flexible real-time data reporting.

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What You Get

Why choose Xero Practice Reporting solutions from dataSights?

XPM dashboards

Every firm runs slightly differently, with guidance from dataSights you can build the views that help your staff do their jobs.

Create the reports you need to drive team performance and efficiencies.

XPM Reports

Your needs change over time, with a flexible tool like PowerBI you can produce what you need, when you need to.

We have worked with a number of firms, creating visibility into parts of their operations that simply doesn’t come out of the XPM box.

Build out a BI Reporting function

You do the advisory, we do the rest.

Working under your firms brand, our only goal is to ensure your client stays exceptionally happy.

Pricing Options For Every Business

Whether you’re a major accounting firm or a boutique organisation, we have a plan for you.

All our plans include:

All our plans include access to experts that will guide & evolve your reporting as your business grows

Access to Data Experts

Unlimited conversations with data experts, skilled in taking SME’s from manual reporting, to real-time, 100% automated & scalable reporting

Your Data Hub portal & toolkit

All the tools and techniques we use to deliver 100% automated reporting to our clients, in a self-service portal. Truly unique and beautiful.

On Demand Fixed Price Consulting

If you need us to get you going, or step-in when your internals are stretched. Give us a spec, and we will give a fixed price quote and deliver. Too easy.

On Demand SQL & PowerBI Coaching

We love teaching our clients how to build reports, and help realise the definition of “Self-service analytics”

Huge Focus on Client Service

NPS of 9.2. Enough said, but please feel free to ask for a reference, we stand by our work, 100%.

Take a look at our first XPM case study in action

Helping Quantum Advisory visualise profitability, focus staff efforts and shine a light on performance

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you support or coach us in building a BI Service?

    Absolutely! We have successfully helped a number of firms achieve this goal and it’s something we love doing. Get in touch for a phased approach on how we can help you get this function up and running.

    Is my data secure?

    Yes. We store your data in your own Microsoft or Google Accounts. Think of us as Postmen. We deliver your data from it’s various sources to it’s destination; a consolidated datasource in your own cloud database which we setup and manage for you.

    What is the cost?

    There is a monthly retainer; this is to keep your data flowing so you can rely on your reports and dashboards 100% of the time. Furthermore you now have us on tap as your data provider and partner. Whilst our monthly retainer is standard for each client, each differs in terms of their appetite for report building, so get in touch for the most pragmatic option for your business. Don’t worry, we don’t charge alot!.

    How does it work?

    Great question! We consolidate data from ALL the datasources in your practice. Cloud and non-cloud systems if necessary. Then with all your data in one place we work with you to build the reports and dashboards that save time, improve efficiency and visibility.

    Can we build reports & dashboards ourselves?

    Absolutely! The goal is self-service analytics and a number of our clients do this. With your data in one place and us creating the views you need, you will find that visualising in PowerBI or Google Data Studio becomes as it was meant to be, business user friendly and easy!

    Do businesses love your service?

    Undoubtedly yes. Happy to put you in touch with some of our clients for a reference.

    Find Out More?

    Whether you’re a major accounting firm or a boutique organisation, we have a plan for you.

    Download the Perfect Practice KPI Cheatsheet

    Download the Perfect Practice KPI Cheatsheet

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