ManageBac helps over 2500 leading international schools to implement and manage the IB curriculum. Theo King is the CEO of ManageBac and asked us to help consolidate their Xero entities which run in multiple countries.


Theo King

Datasight’s multi-currency consolidation of our xero entities via googleSheets and PowerBI has streamlined our month-end close and automated our financial reporting, enabling our whole management team to know where we stand and collaboratively plan & budget more effectively. I highly recommend dataSights. Their work has been instrumental in increasing the efficiency of our Finance department

Theo King, CEO, ManageBac

The situation previously;

ManageBac’s finance manager Sharon was emailed the financial reports from their various offices all around the world. Sharon would then manually collate them into a set of consolidated Google Sheets in order to create custom consolidated reports.  This meant she was spending significant unnecessary time on a manual task preventing her from spending more time adding real value to the business.

Why Google Sheets?

The top priorities for Sharon and the business were collaboration, visibility and then some more collaboration. It was also important to remove the need for VLookups. Google sheets fit the bill and helpfully Sharon had already mastered Google Sheet Query Language.

The Solution?

We set to work creating a scheduled, or on-demand, data sync from each of their various Xero file’s financials. The P&L, P&L with Tracking Categories and Balance Sheet. We now pull monthly data for a three-year historical window and then format the data into an easy to consume tabular format ready for Sharon’s custom cashflow and downstream reporting magic.

No need to over-complicate the process! It’s simple, it works and it has definitely made Sharon’s life easier which is what we are all about!

Multiple Xero Entities Consolidated to GoogleSheets


If you would like any further info, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, book a demo online or check out our landing page on Xero Consolidation.  We are always super happy to have a chat and suggest the best service/tools for your job, whether it’s dataSights or not!


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