It’s 2020 and if people are asking “is the cloud secure”, well, at least they aren’t asking it to my face.

I digress, it’s 2020 and all across the land, from solopreneurs to corporates, Excel spreadsheets are getting emailed around at this very instant.

Did you get my latest email with the updated budgets?

said almost every business ever

Shoot me now.

Smart, tertiary educated, post-grad debt-burdened adults, are just working harder not smarter.

Now this isn’t any old data, this is crucial data, that various groups of highly paid individuals across the business has spent a bunch of time on & has set as the de-facto standard of what to work towards every single day across the ENTIRE business.

And yet, the latest version is saved in Harry’s Temp folder ready to send back to the person who is going to update #xero.

Sure there might be a few dropboxers, might be a few sh*tpointers, sorry I mean sharepointers, but is this REALLY the visibility your operational and finanical budgets and targets deserve?


Its take less than 10 seconds to lift it to an online version.

GSheets, Excel Online, AirTable, don’t really care what we want out of cloudified budgets is;

  • Instant visibility
  • Collaboration
  • Audit history
  • Programmatic access to automated reporting

The first three are common sense the final a bit more obtuse.

Possibly 5% of businesses we help already have their budgets, mappings, targets, staff capacities, all the data they need for truly automated reporting already in cloud spreadsheets.

Once we help our clients move whatever they have locally into the cloud do they look back? Not a chance. Fact.

So please, next time you open up Excel on your desktop to create some important data that needs to be shared, colloborated on and made visibile to various stakeholders, make dataSights happy and upload it to somewhere that other people can actually use it.

A fabolus example of Financial & Operational budgets/targets per branch in a cloud spreadsheet. Multiple people can access, increased visibility, audit logging & automated reporting can access it. Beautiful.

Oh and if your budgets are in #Xero that is great, but it’s not good enough, another piece to follow on Operational budgeting loves financial budgeting

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Download the Perfect Practice KPI Cheatsheet

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