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Having our data consolidated in such a flexible fashion has changed the way our back office reports. We are looking forward to working with dataSights on the next stage of our data journey.
Theo King

CEO, Managebac

Discovery sessions that will leave you pumped

We take the time to understand your business and to objectively explain your options

Your businesses systems and the way you use it are unique. Your staff that use the systems have processes which are unique. Only by understanding all of the pieces can we put together a full picture
If there wasn’t an issue, you wouldn’t be calling us. That’s OK, we can help! Whether it’s efficiency, growth, profitability, customer experience or simply to reduce painpoints. We are uniquely positioned to address your problems.
Our only goal is to help you run a better business, every, single day. Your goals will change, but that’s OK they are meant to, we want them to! As your business grows or becomes more efficient or both we need to adjust our service to match your goals. And this is what we are brilliant at.

Data gathering second to none

No matter where your data lives, we will get you access to it

Your data isn’t all in the cloud. We know this. You either have a crazy old legacy system that can only e-mail us data and/or a part-time bookkeeper that’s been there since the Triassic. If we need that data, you will get it, beautifully automated.
Each clients mix of data is unique. How often they want to see it and where they want to see it is unique too. Our flexbile, bespoke data platform can pull & push data on a schedule (or on-demand) which meets the criteria to create a true value-add.
While other out-of-the-box products exist, they are limited to providing cookie cutter insights to standard metrics. The ability to get all of our clients’ data into a single database means we can manipulate and analyse data as necessary. This single data pool allows us to service clients with varying business models and tech stacks from within one platform efficiently, and therefore profitably.
Lisa Barham

Director, Effigy Consulting

Dashboard’s, reports & emails that help you manage your business

Reports don’t have to be PowerBI, we use the right tool for the job. What reports need to be is used. Reports are only used if they are accurate and provide value, every, single, day.
Using accurate reports, we create tailored dashboards that keep a specific audience on track. Only by making dashboards visible will you gain the desired behaviour change in order to help your business along the intended path to a happier place.
Some clients hate computers. That’s OK. We have our moments too. If you need exception based reporting, delivered automagically on a schedule to the people that really need it, then, absolutely we make this happen. In fact, don’t tell anyone, it’s our favorite way to deliver beautiful data
Over the past 18 months dataSights has helped us with an array of data solutions. Combining sales data from our 17 Pos systems to wholesale data from our inhouse legacy system and then with our large Xero file. We use the automated reporting and Excel based solutions every single day in our organisation, saving our backoffice hours per day in what used to be manual effort.
Peter Winlaw


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