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Automate your DEAR data into Excel, PowerBI and Google Sheets and empower your team in real-time

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dataSights has helped us maximise our investment in DEAR Inventory. From the daily email which tells us when we should update pricing, to the excel  automation which updates all our pricing in a few clicks, to the forecasting reports and our real-time office dashboards.

Nolan Keen

Owner, Dalby General Steel

dataSights provided us with a central source of data that is accurate and easy to read. With this data, we have been able to create dashboards that are updated every few minutes and given us visibility of things that we didn’t have before.

Bryce Millot

Finance Officer, Anstel Brands

Save Time And Get Clarity On Your Numbers

Communicate with flexible tools that go where your team goes.

Retail Business

Get at-a-glance updates on the sales and operations data.

B2B Suppliers

See the most important figures across all areas of your company.


Business Consultants

Help your clients by getting them access to crystal clear inventory dashboards.

A More Efficient Business

Don’t waste time wrangling with data or relying on one person for reporting.

Real-time Data

Decisions become easier when you have access to the most up to date numbers.

100% Automated Reports

Log on any time to take a look at the most important figures for your business.

What You Get

Why choose DEAR Inventory reporting solutions from dataSights?

Office dashboards to focus staff efforts

Don’t just report Sales, focus on what you need to get to achieve them

Create the reports you need to drive team performance and efficiencies

Fully customisable reports and dashboards

Create the bespoke views that will help your business function more efficiently

With all your data in one place, and a tool like PowerBI or GoogleDataStudio over the top of it, the sky is the limit in terms of the reports you can build that are just painful or impossible to do via CSV’s

Exception reports via email

Not every report is best served via a dashboard.

Get the info that matters, to the people that need it, via the medium they will actually access it

Data automation that saves time

Automate processes that chew staff time

Book a chat to see how we are saving DEAR clients hours per day automating tasks like updating prices to preserve margins

Forecasting reports help you purchase efficiently

With your full sales history we can help build a picture on what to purchase

If you have a sales pipeline in your CRM we can add that to your DEAR data to build an even more accurate forecast and watch this space for our Machine Learning model to predict future sales and help with purchasing.

Pricing for every business, at any stage

Pricing options to suit your organisation

Custom report building fee on a fixed price, hourly basis

All our plans include :

All our plans include access to experts that will guide & evolve your reporting as your business grows

Access to Data Experts

Unlimited conversations with data experts, skilled in taking SME’s from manual reporting, to real-time, 100% automated & scalable reporting

Your Data Hub portal & toolkit

All the tools and techniques we use to deliver 100% automated reporting to our clients, in a self-service portal. Truly unique and beautiful.

On Demand Fixed Price Consulting

If you need us to get you going, or step-in when your internals are stretched. Give us a spec, and we will give a fixed price quote and deliver. Too easy.

On Demand SQL & PowerBI Coaching

We love teaching our clients how to build reports, and help realise the definition of “Self-service analytics”

Huge Focus on Client Service

NPS of 9.2. Enough said, but please feel free to ask for a reference, we stand by our work, 100%.

Take a look at some clients in action

Take a look at come case studies on how we help our clients

    Helping Anstel Brands nail goal tracking, team target visibility and data availability – a DEAR Inventory story

    Helping Dalby General use data automation to prevent margin loss and drive purchase forecasting through data. A DEAR Systems story

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you use PowerBI?

    We can do, if that’s the best option. If reports are best delivered via Email, Excel or Google Data Studio then we will deliver via those. The key benefit is having access to all your data, not how it’s visualised. Book a chat and we will be happy to explain further!

    Is my data secure?

    Yes. We store your data in your own Microsoft or Google Accounts. Think of us as Postmen. We deliver your data from it’s various sources to it’s destination; a consolidated datasource in your own cloud database which we setup and manage for you.

    What is the cost?

    There is a monthly retainer; this is to keep your data flowing so you can rely on your reports and dashboards 100% of the time. Furthermore you now have us on tap as your data provider and partner. Whilst our monthly retainer is standard for each client, each differs in terms of their appetite for report building, so get in touch for the most pragmatic option for your business. Don’t worry, we don’t charge alot!.

    How does it work?

    Great question! We consolidate your data from ALL the datasources in your business. Not just DEAR. Cloud and non-cloud systems if necessary. Then with all your data in one place we work with you to build the reports and dashboards that save time, improve efficiency and visibility. 

    Can we build reports & dashboards ourselves?

    Absolutely! The goal is self-service analytics and a number of our clients do this. With your data in one place and us creating the views you need, you will find that visualising in PowerBI or Google Data Studio becomes as it was meant to be, business user friendly and easy!

    Do businesses love your service?

    Undoubtedly yes. Happy to put you in touch with some of our clients for a reference.

    Want to find out more?

    We do solutions not sales, book a chat and get some awesome advice

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    Download the Perfect Practice KPI Cheatsheet

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