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Automate your Accelo Reporting into Excel, PowerBI or GoogleSheets, so you can get clarity on your planning, forecasting and results.

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What Our Clients Say

With dataSights taking care of our Accelo dataset automation, we have been able to internally produce PowerBI reports, that are used by our consultants and decision makers every single day..

Art Roehrenbeck

Operations Lead, Affinity Consulting

Not only have we saved 100’s of hours per month on manual Excel reporting, but we can automatically generate reports that were previously unfeasible. These reports drive key decisions and generate huge business value.

Brittany Lock

Process Management, Mining Plus

Instead of battling with spreadsheets, we now have PowerBI utlisation & forecasting reports that tell us how we are tracking at a glance, and help us plan daily and when taking on new clients

Brad Farleigh

Operations Director, Bang Digital

Accelerate With Accelo

Accelo’s Service Operations Automation software allows you to connect all the moving parts of your business in a single cloud-based platform.

However, it can be difficult to know which of the numbers Accelo gives you access to are the most important to your business.

dataSights is here to help, by giving you access to bespoke and fully automated reports that will help your service-based businesses run more efficiently.



Make data tracking with Accelo so much easier and find better ways to support your clients.


Business Owners

See at-a-glance updates of the most important numbers in your service-based organisation.

Business Consultants

Create the dashboard reports you need to drive team performance and efficiency for any business.

Create Custom Dashboards

Create bespoke views that will help your business function more efficiently.

Automate manual excel reporting

Get data 100% automated into Excel, PowerBI or Google Sheets.

Automated Access To The Data You Need

Forget manually tracking reports or working on spreadsheets and get at-a-glance updates.

What Happened In Your Business Today?


If you’re already using Accelo you’ll know how effective it can be as service operations software.

At dataSights, we leverage Microsoft PowerBI to help you make even more use of this clever system and give you access to real-time reports based on your needs.

You’ll gain instant visibility on the numbers that matter most to your business on a daily basis. This gives you better clarity for making important strategic decisions.

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What You Get

Why choose Accelo PowerBI reporting solutions from dataSights?

Reporting For Service Businesses

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Know Your Numbers Like Never Before

Forget sifting through confusing Accelo reports! We make it easy.

Increase Visibility

Gain clarity on what your staff are doing and how this impacts your business.

Guide Staff Behaviour

See at a glance what’s working and can be capitalised on.

Track Goals & Targets

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Better Forecasting

Track your numbers so you can stay on top of what’s around the corner.

Pricing for every business, at any stage

Pricing to suite your organisation

All our plans include:

All our plans include access to experts that will guide & evolve your reporting as your business grows

Access to Data Experts

Unlimited conversations with data experts, skilled in taking SME’s from manual reporting, to real-time, 100% automated & scalable reporting

Your Data Hub portal & toolkit

All the tools and techniques we use to deliver 100% automated reporting to our clients, in a self-service portal. Truly unique and beautiful.

Ad-hoc Fixed Price Consulting

If you need us to get you going, or step-in when your internals are stretched. Give us a spec, and we will give a fixed price quote and deliver. Too easy.

Ad-Hoc SQL & PowerBI Coaching

We love teaching our clients how to build reports, and help realise the definition of “Self-service analytics”

Huge Focus on Client Service

NPS of 9.2. Enough said, but please feel free to ask for a reference, we stand by our work, 100%.

Take a look at some clients in action

Take a look at some case studies on we help our clients

Helping Waypoint eliminate manual reporting. Xero and Accelo in real-time dashboards. Hello, reporting nirvana!

Want to find out more?

Ready to see us in action? We’ll show you how to apply even smarter Accelo solutions to your business.

Download the Perfect Practice KPI Cheatsheet

Download the Perfect Practice KPI Cheatsheet

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