The massive shift in business users (non-technical) wanting access to accurate data and picking up tools and getting stuck in is literally compounding year-on-year IMHO.

The intense complexity of Excel formulas / Power Query transformations / Power BI data models I have seen is astounding, and what’s great about this, is that it actually takes an immense amount of brain power to create and maintain. What this means is that there is more than enough capability to shift this logic up to the database itself using SQL, which results in ALL of the following benefits;

  • ** it massively reduces complex #excel / #googlesheets / #powerbi / #lookerstudio reporting
  • ** it hugely increases re-use amongst both tools and different reporting purposes (one view can be used for many outputs)
  • ** performance of complex data models and reporting is no longer a concern
  • ** AI can write it for you, but you still need to be able to validate it, so with a bit of understanding AI becomes a far more powerful tool
  • ** if you can write an excel formula, you can crush this, and SQL is arguably way more powerful!

So what are you going to do about it Kev!?

We give an immense amount of IP and value away with our SQL Templates, literally years of hard learnings. But personally, the risk of giving that away to competitors pales in comparison to the pure pleasure I know it gives to the people that adopt them. Maybe not the pleasure of writing SQL, but the pleasure of simply using all their data in a simple format, not fighting it to get it into a usable format.

So how are we going to spread the love?

By walking through valuable examples, teaching the fundamentals of SQL step by step and giving away the value.

This #Xero Sales Analysis view is useful because;

  • ** Anything to do with Sales / Customer analysis with Xero data can be done with this view
  • ** It replicates a drilldown detailed version of your Revenue in a Profit and Loss report
  • ** Can include tracking categories (your best way of segmenting data in Xero)
  • ** Shows pretty much all the core bits of SQL necessary to create powerful views
  • ** Can be used as a template for all other views over time
  • ** The same view can be used for #xeroconsolidation analysis
Download the Perfect Practice KPI Cheatsheet

Download the Perfect Practice KPI Cheatsheet

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