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To help our clients run better business every, single, day

Our Vision

Hi! dataSights was started in late 2016 by myself, Kevin Wiegand. I had a dream; to build a low touch point, highly scalable, white-labelled self-service analytics portal aimed at accountants. So I went for it, following Lean principles I found a few foundation customers, then went to work! It took a few months but we got there pretty quickly. I built the capability to consolidate a few hundred Xero files and a white-labelled PowerBI embedded reporting portal. The only problem was when the accountants launched it to their clients, no one really gave a sh*t. Well, that was a bathos, to put it mildly. Although I didn’t realise it at the time, we were learning some lessons that would make our current business model make perfect sense. The lessons we learned, which I strongly stand by, can be summed up by these points;

  • Most businesses under $20million aren’t particularly data driven
  • Most don’t have time to put into R&D or projects that improve overall performance.
  • Most view IT projects as a dangerous exercise, usually because they haven’t the experience to hire or contract effectively and are also budget constrained so usually hire hot air.

Given that list of blockers, one would think what are you doing Kev? But soldier on we did. Through solving hard problems, working on loss leaders, delivering cool projects we slowly but surely started to understand that although the blockers are there, that the original problem is everywhere. It’s not that businesses need dashboards, it’s that businesses have data problems and they need data solutions. The problem is that businesses have loads of different systems (cloud and non-cloud) which they use to run their business and the only tool they have in their arsenal is CSV exports. So it’s transpired that our ideal customer is those businesses who are already cobbling together spreadsheets to make data-driven decisions. Those are the businesses that understand our value proposition almost immediately. What we love about our ideal customer is that because they are usually the business owners, they can make decisions, change processes and we can make progress very very quickly, which is EXACTLY the way we like to operate.

In the last few months Faizan and CK have joined us and are proving themselves phenomenal assets in getting through the workload of keeping existing clients happy and dealing with new client requests. We have branched out to Microsoft, Google and Amazon visualisation tools. We deliver data via e-mail, into google sheets, consolidate back into source systems and service multiple verticals and multiple countries. Our most important client attributes are;

1) They see the value in having access to all their data, even if they aren’t exactly sure what they want to do with it right now.

2) They understand we can map data between systems, pull & push data from pretty much anywhere and solve problems that most BI consultants would simply say is not possible

3) They have the time to put into the solutions and the partnership

4) They understand it’s not a project, it’s an ongoing relationship and that our only goal is to keep them happy by helping them run a better business every day

So it’s been a pretty amazing journey so far, met some awesome people and forming some amazing partnerships and most importantly have picked up some amazing clients. Looking forward to see how we continue evolving with our customers on a daily basis!

Meet Your Data Specialists


Founder & Client Happiness Guy

I have a borderline crazy obsession with learning how data can improve business processes and reach objectives. My ‘why’ is the mini fist-pumps I witness when my clients see their very own beautiful data solutions bring their businesses numbers to life. I’m absolutely loving the experience my clients have given me and am relishing the ability to give so much more to my clients’ businesses than just reporting.



Chandrahas Khapekar

Software & Data Developer

My skills are in Requirement Gathering, Analysis, Team/Project Management, and Microsoft Technologies.
Currently, I am working on the Microsoft Power BI tool as a Data Developer, helping businesses to access fast and accurate numbers from all areas of their operations.




Software & Data Developer

I have extensively worked with Microsoft technologies. I’m very passionate about what I do and always strive to better myself as a developer. I understand that the customer is the single most valuable asset an organisation can have and am personally driven by the pursuit of customer-driven focus, ideals and user experience.





BI Developer

I am a Power BI Developer and DAX Lover
I am numbers guy who can create stories out of your data.
My skills are in Designing and developing business intelligence solutions, Crafting and executing queries upon request for data, Presenting information through reports and visualization.





.NET Developer

Software developer extensively worked on .NET web applications and APIs. I am well aware of various applications and third party tools.
In addition to my technical skills, I am a great team player and always ready to learn new things.



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47 Denham Terrace, Brisbane, Queensland, 4121, Australia

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Download the Perfect Practice KPI Cheatsheet

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